1. Broken street

    Broken street

  2. Having lunch at a place that’s showing the Ravens, Vikings, and Washingtons. Ladies and gentlemen, your NFL!

  3. The scene at 82nd and CPW.

  4. The Ben and Jerry’s contingent

    The Ben and Jerry’s contingent

  5. Guy on Broadway just tried to sell me a pair of shoes out of a grocery bag. That is a first.

  6. The problem of soot-coated ice in Greenland.

    Via @stevesilberman

  7. A good overview of the international political and economic challenges of fighting climate change.

  8. This photo deservedly made the Post's front page.

  9. Politico Playbook, the email round up of the day in politics, doesn’t mention the climate march. Sponsor: Chevron.

  10. The unhappiest-looking person I have seen in a long time was the middle-aged guy driving the thumping, flashing party bus that just passed.