1. How to find how you’re rated as a passenger by Uber drivers. (I’m a 4.8.)

  2. captainstormwind:

    the truth is out there.

  3. No movie has been more obviously terrible from its preview / promotion than The 100-Foot Journey.

  4. Wellllllllllllllll.

  5. 30 percent of female vets responding to an IAVA survey said they’d been sexually assaulted in the military.

  6. A comprehensive Smiths timeline, with embedded songs. And just like that, I’m in high school again.

  7. Resolved: Snowpiercer is more Running Man than Logan’s Run, which is why it’s good.

  8. Using Yo (and, therefore, your phone) as an authentication mechanism.

    Via @bafeldman

  9. We went to about six stores today, but finally found what we were looking for.

  10. Please stop doing war things to Ukraine, thank you.