Oct 19

But seriously, before the printing press, what did people do in the evenings?

A 1905 government report on using things like phrenology to ID the “criminal, pauper, and defective classes.”

This woman has lived in Brooklyn for 100 of the 116 years it has been part of New York City.

me irl

Congrats to Eli on setting the NFL “brother with the most touchdowns” record!

If the people that lived with the guy who had Ebola didn’t get Ebola, I’m feeling pretty confident that you won’t either.

Late-night talk show skits never seem more obviously dumb than when seen in the back of a cab on mute.

good news for #teens

good news for #teens

Jeweler billboard reads, “Big Bling Theory,” smack in the middle of some very lame Venn diagram.

While playing the “how many former Steelers can my mom name” game, realized that a Sex and the City character serves as a great hint.