Oct 01

"What’s with the lame Post," Byers writes on the day an admin official resigns from Post reporting and the Times announces layoffs.

Five people have won Congressional races despite being dead. Including Mark Begich’s father.

Attention: Alex Pareene, Maria Bartiromo.


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Walrus, unable to find sea ice, swarm ashore in Alaska.

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1968: Two-thirds of Americans favor campaign spending limits.

US Nov 24 ‘68: Would you favor limiting the money spent for or by a candidate in his campaign for public office? pic.twitter.com/OOBwqCwyNb

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October 1, 2014

I lived in the South Bay too long to root against the As. Plus the elephant-on-globe logo is dope.

Sep 30

"But to the end, he kept his passion for clowning.”

Breaking down the legend of Marine Todd.

Hawaii’s pollution is giving sea turtles tumors.