Sep 20

The unhappiest-looking person I have seen in a long time was the middle-aged guy driving the thumping, flashing party bus that just passed.

Wealthy white person who loves lines but already has an iPhone 6? People are around the block for Koons at the Whitney. #psa

brb moving far away from all other people; you are not invited.

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Let no one ever say that America’s charitable spirit is dead. Hooray!

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Taking my kid* to the doctor**, please keep us in your thoughts.

* laptop
** Apple Store

Thank goodness we didn’t repeat the mistakes we made with the telephone and let teenage boys run the internet.

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Apple stores should open next to soup kitchens, just to make the dichotomy more immediately obvious.

Why did people stop wearing powdered wigs? Syphilis and head lice are involved.

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Just had trouble finding a 4 gig flash drive in my briefcase because it was mixed in with some cough drops.

What climate-change-worsened flooding could do to DC.