Jul 28

I geeked out a little on the leaked Michelle Nunn campaign plan. Campaign Plans 101!

What if there were a campaign run entirely by PACs? We’re starting to get a sense of what that might look like.

The irony of this ad, of course, is that the White House now has solar panels.

Critiques of presidents as the worst or incompetent or dangerous tend to peak the year of reelection.

The immigration issue, says Palin, is what makes “the battered wife say, ‘no mas’!” Oh.

Jul 27

How to find how you’re rated as a passenger by Uber drivers. (I’m a 4.8.)


No movie has been more obviously terrible from its preview / promotion than The 100-Foot Journey.


30 percent of female vets responding to an IAVA survey said they’d been sexually assaulted in the military.